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Computers Mouse

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Computers mouse also known as a pointing
device. This page is pretty much just for
cleaning your computers mouse.But if you
are having mouse troubles more than likely
you can't read this because your computer
might not boot up.

bottom side of mouse

cover off

Three rollers

But here are a couple of things to try:
  • Is your mouse plugged in the right spot.
    Some keyboards and pointing devices
    have the same end.

  • Is it plugged in all the way.

  • Are you sure.

  • Check it again.

Now reboot your computer,not restart.
Shut it down wait about 30 seconds or so
Start it up.You also might want to try
shutting it down and unplug it from the
wall,wait and try again.


If you ever had that mouse that
kinda does what ever it wants.
More than likely it needs to be
cleaned.So if you can get to fig 4
there are three little rollers in
there that collect dirt,hair,etc..
You can use paper towel or
something to wipe off the rollers.
If that doesn't work you might
need a new mouse.

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Computers Mouse

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