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Computers Simplified By Rhett

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Computers Simplified By Rhett,basic information
on motherboard,computer memory,cases,and more.

I made this site to show some of the most common
parts found inside of your computer and mine.

Including pictures showing the computers,memory,
power supplies(types),motherboard connectors,and
different styles of computer cases.And four easy
steps on cleaning the computers mouse.

Nanoseconds and memory:

When buying memory you need to know your systems
bus speed,such as 25Mhz,100Mhz.etc.
You should also try to match your memory modules
nanoseconds.Nanoseconds is the speed that your
memory can access information.
You really don't want to mix these up.That is why
some memory might work in one computer but not

You also need to keep different types together also.
Such as: fast paging,parity,edo,etc..
Most motherboards have slots for two different
kinds of modules.simms,dimms,30 pin,72 pin,168 pin
and so on.
Gets very confusing.
On top of all that your motherboard and processor
voltage comes into play with this also.2.8v, 2.4v,

So how to you find out what kind of memory you have?

  1. Check your computers manual.

  2. Call manufacturer of computer.

  3. Take a module with you when you go to purchase.

  4. Find part number of module(part of the bar code)
    and call manfacturer of the memory.

Mismatched memory might work,but not at it's best.
Can also cause alot of system errors.Maybe not right
away but they will show up.

Low Prices On Computer Components

Computers Simplified By Rhett

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